Supported Mental Health Housing

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Built in the eighteen hundreds, Clayfield House is a Heritage Listed Complex providing Safe and Secure accommodation for people living and managing life’s challenges. In a highly sought after area of Brisbane: Clayfield is known for its Quality of Life-Style and environmental aspects.

Residents of Clayfield House are referred by various Government and non-government Services: ranging from Hospitals, Mental Health providers, Department of Human Services and other Service providers where safe, secure and  quality supported accommodation is paramount.


Clayfield House is Home

Residents are referred to Clayfield House due to varying degrees of life’s  challenges: for which family and other services are seeking the Best possible support in an environment that provides and encourages independence, social inclusion, quality of life and that homely setting to be proud of.

Mental Illness continues to be stigmatised and the Team of professional staff at Clayfield House provide quality care in an environment that promotes and encourages a non-judgemental approach in their service provision. Laughter therapy, Behavioural change support, Health and hygiene education, balanced nutritional meals and medication support.

Clayfield House is an Accredited level III Supported Accommodation Facility on Brisbane’s North side.  Highly sought after and respected not only for the quality of care provided, it also boasts an environmental prowess dating back to the early eighteen hundreds. Clayfield House residents experience a dynamic, safe and stable living environment enabling independence, inclusion and self-worth for integration and community support.


Integrating our residents into the community

There are some wonderful charities helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life. Clayfield House works with such groups to ensure our residents have access to as many services and programs as possible.


Mental Illness

Residents at some stage may have suffered from a form of Schizophrenia, psychosis or anxiety disorders due to lifestyle or physical illness. We at Clayfield work with our resident to reintegrate them with society while providing a safe and stable living environment.



What is Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental illness with much stigma and misinformation associated with it. This often increases the distress to the person and his/her family.

Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder.

Many misunderstandings surround schizophrenia, which contribute to the stigma, isolation and discrimination that can be experienced by people with schizophrenia and their families and carers.



What is Aspergers / Autism

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects how the brain processes information. It shapes a person’s social, emotional and communication skills, and behaviours. Asperger syndrome usually becomes obvious during childhood and remains throughout life, with varying degrees of disability.

There is no cure. However, the skills of a person with Asperger syndrome may be aided by a combination of support, regular routine and therapeutic intervention.

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