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A Stable Place to Live

A Home for Those Living With Mental Illness and Disability

For someone living with a mental health condition, finding a residential home or disability housing can be hard to come by.

Finding stable, safe and affordable housing can help you on your journey to recovery. Preventing you from burdening loved ones or hospitalisations, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system.

Having a safe, suitable place to live in can provide stability while allowing you to achieve your goals.

Living on a Disability Support Pension (DSP) can make finding an affordable disability housing with the support you need near impossible.

A Residential Home for Those Living with a Mental Health Condition
What You Should Look For
Housing should be affordable

Ideally, all your primary needs (accommodation, food, care/assistance) are taken care of within your income, while leaving enough available for other requirements. Many people with mental illness may have low incomes and/or be on the DSP.

Housing should offer the right amount of independence

Different types of housing can offer someone living with mental illness different levels of independence and care, so it is important to determine which type would work best for you.

Housing should meet your physical needs

If you have a mental illness and a physical disability you may need housing features like ramps. Many people with mental illness also may not drive and therefore would need a home close to treatment providers and community resources, as well as public transportation.

Housing should be discrimination-free

People with mental health concerns require a welcoming, non-judgemental environment that provides and encourages independence, social inclusion, quality of life and a homely setting to be proud of.

Clayfield House


A home for those living with mental illness and disability

Residents come to Clayfield House seeking an affordable group home for adults living with physical and mental illness.

The team at Clayfield House strive to provide the best possible support in an environment that encourages independence, social inclusion and quality of life.

We do not judge, instead we promote laughter therapy, support for behavioural change, health and hygiene education.

We provide 5 balanced, nutritional meals daily and assist our residents in their medication.

Clayfield House is an Accredited level III Supported Accommodation Facility on Brisbane’s North side.

Highly sought after and respected not only for the quality of care provided, it is in a homely setting that we are proud of.

Clayfield House residents experience a dynamic, safe and stable living environment enabling independence, inclusion and self-worth for integration and community support.

We look after your loved one and allow family to be just that - family
Residential home

Residential home

Group home

Group home

disability housing and accommodation

disability housing and accommodation

Group home

Group home

disability housing

disability housing

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